San Francisco World Peace Day

San Francisco World Peace Day

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12/17/2007 - Hi, we put out a press release Dec 14 and Dec 16, were invited and appeared on KGO news/talk commercial radio in San Francisco announcing the following. If you have any suggestions as to what you think San Francisco World Peace Day should be like, please email us back. Or, if you'd like to be affiliated or to participate in any way, let us know. Or, if you'd like any specific or general issue to be included, please tell us.
I'll be taking all the ideas start to update this webpage to reflect them. Thanks. Alan
San Francisco World Peace Day is a program of AI Forum, a California 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, (est. 1985)

If your organization would like to participate in San Francisco World Peace Day, or in our sister celebrations in New York City & Washington D.C., or form an affiliated World Peace Day in your city or community, contact, start email subject line with the word, 'yes'.

See our first new San Francisco World Peace Day fundraising project at

Cost of the War in Iraq
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12/17/07 - We had a nice conversation with Bonnie, re: stopjrotc, a program of Bay Area United Against War to stop ongoing U.S. military sponsorship pf physical education classes & parades & parties in secondary schools in San Francisco (i.e. 'recruitment') -- especially since San Francisco voted at a city-wide election to 'stop the war in Iraq'. UN International Peace Day (Sept. 21) has a program where school kids at their schools think about peace for 10 minutes at lunchtime once a year on this day, and countries are supposed to stop their wars on that day. Perhaps the San Francisco Unified School District would consider honoring UN International Peace Day -- especially since the UN was founded in San Francisco -- and we could supply a coloring book for kids printed off the web, with a master text for teachers to say a few words about kids in war, and what it's like, perhaps presented by veterans against war. Also, American Lakota Indians tribe have a World Peace & Prayer Day (summer soltice, June 21). Another, individual expression of World Peace Day (winter solstice, Dec. 22) exists, as well.

12/18/07 - Discovered San Francisco's Urban Alliance for Sustainability Parade for World Peace (Oct. 27), will call them in about 4 hours, when the sun rises. In the meantime, it occurs to me perhaps the least expensive most attended avenue would be to initially have a San Francisco World Peace Day contingent in the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade, as it attracts 500,000 people, has live commerical TV coverage, and is the largest parade in California. "A parade contingent is essentially a street theater performance with its own theme, set, cast, sound and scenario. Art meets politics in the back of a truck or marching along Market Street. Whatever your entry may be, it should openly display something: showing yourself off, displaying your ideals, recognizing your friends or trashing your enemies - all done with a sense of artistic flair in full public view" -- reflective mylar not allowed.


Idea No 1: Assemble a San Francisco World Peace Day coloring book that can be downloaded to elementary schools; Idea No. 2: create an illustrated children's story called, San Francisco World Peace Day; Idea No. 3: create a website that can be downloaded by high school kids considering going into ROTC-sponsored programs, that primarily shows veterans against the war, and the sorrow that is generated by war, and explains why war is unnecessary in the first place, because it is simply a way for people to make money by destroying others and stealing; Idea No. 4; sponsor a national high school writing program for an essay saying why ROTC military programs should or should not be allowed at secondary schools.